Monday, November 8, 2010

Personal experiences from Foot zoning

I am the worlds biggest skeptic. I went to Jill for foot zoning when I experienced a few health issues like significant hair loss, knee problems and poor circulation. I remember calling to make that first appointment and using very few words because I did not want her to have any clue what my issues were, it was a test! She discovered multiple problem spots while working on me and I just scheduled my fourth session. I'm a believer!

Lori L

The other day my daughter called me because her 3 year old had swallowed a round  piece of hard candy and it was stuck in her esophagus.  She wasn't choking, but it wouldn't go down and she didn't know what to do for her.  My first thought was for her to give her warm water so it would start to dissolve and go down as it got smaller, but my second thought worked a lot faster.  I told her to pick up her left foot and I explained to her where the esophagus is on the foot and told her to rub in downward several times.  After about 3 times the candy moved down and was not stuck any more.  

I have another client that was having a hard time swallowing.  He has a hyetal  (sp?)hernia and it was causing him a lot of grief and he could hardly swallow his food.  I worked on the esophagus once again and the cardio valve several times and he found great relief and was able to swallow again.  

My son in law suffers from pretty serious hip pain.  He went to different types of drs. trying to find relief for the pain.  When I learned how to do foot zones, he was so thrilled because he found great relief after getting a footzone.  He is able to go sometimes more than a week with no pain after getting a foot zone.  

I have a client that is almost 91 and she suffered from really bad leg cramps.  They would keep her up at night.  I started giving her foot zones and she no longer suffers from the leg cramps at night unless she goes too long in between having a zone.